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Fun Easy and effective
workout in just minutes a day !

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Simply Fit Board – The Workout Board with a Twist


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features & benefits


√  Easy and fun to use!

 Lightweight and portable!

 Supports up to 400lbs!

√  Stores away easily!

  Tones abs, legs,entire core!

√  Improves your balance!

How Does the Simply Fit Board Work?

  • A simple twist (you stand on the board and twist back and forth)
  • Twisted bridges (tones your legs)
  • Bicep curls (stand on the Simply Fit Board while doing bicep curls)
  • Plank twists (place your two hands on the board while holding the plank)

How to Use the Simply Fit Board?

  • The Walk : Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, rock the board to walk it forwards and backwards
  • The Surfer : Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and squad down low with your arms out parallel to the ground like a surfer riding the waves. Stand back up and repeat the movement.
  • The Twist : Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and twist back and forth. Play music to help lift your energy during this workout.
  • The Rock : Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, turned so they’re facing one end of the board. Then, rock the board back and forth like a teeter totter, making sure to rock in both directions.